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rabbi 05 smallsf badge lgRabbi Joel Landau  ( has been the Rabbi of Adath Israel since May 2013. He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem and has served previously as a congregational Rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina and Irvine, California. A full biography of Rabbi Landau is available here.

If you have an American Express Card (or any of its permutations through Costco, Macy’s etc.), you can use your card to donate $30 to Adath Israel at no cost to you!

On Saturday November 29, AMEX will be holding their annual Small Business Saturday in support local small businesses and non-profits throughout the country.

Here’s what you need to do:

First click here to register your Amex card(s) in the program. Then on Saturday night November 29 (after Shabbat, of course) log on to the Adath Israel web site and make three separate donations of $10 to Adath Israel - at no cost to you. 

Please tell all your friends, family and neighbors everywhere and anywhere in the world to join the fun by having AMEX support a Jewish institution.  For more infomration, please call the Rabbi at 415-710-9925