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Sorry I'm Not Sorry - The Top 12 Fake Apologies


One of the most important aspects of our High Holiday season is apologizing to people we have wronged. Unfortunately, none of us are perfect, and therefore, it’s almost inevitable that over the course of the past year we’ve offended a variety of different people (possibly multiple times). Friends, family, employees, employers, neighbors etc.. Judaism teaches that if we want G-d to grant us a happy and healthy New Year, we must make things right with all those whom we have mistreated. However, for many people, making a sincere apology isn’t so easy. They might try but many times fall short and as a result, make things worse.   

Dan Neuharth, PhD, is a marriage and family therapist and best-selling author based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He wrote a great article addressing this issue that I hope you’ll find useful as you reach out to those people to whom you need to apologize.