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AIPAC Conference, Mar. 2-4 2014

This coming March 2-4, I encourage you to join me in attending the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

When I was a rabbi in Orange County, I regularly lead a group of congregants to the Conference and I would like to renew that practice. There are several reasons why I feel that participating in this event is worth your time and money:

1. To gain knowledge and understanding - AIPAC presentations are given by top tier politicians, analysts, journalists and military/security personnel from both Israel and the U.S. who provide significant insights on many issues confronting Israel.

2. To lobby – AIPAC facilitates one of the most successful grassroots lobbying efforts in Washington. A majority of all House and Senate members are visited by thousands of pro Israel advocates over the course of the Conference.

3. To experience a unique gathering – AIPAC supporters come from all over the political and religious spectrum united by their mission of ensuring the well-being of the State of Israel.

4. To be inspired and motivated – The AIPAC conference energizes and educates participants to become a more effective advocate for Israel.

5. To make new, like-minded friends – AIPAC brings together people from all over the country and beyond (plus San Franciscans you’ve never met) that share the goal of Israel advocacy.

This year AIPAC’s lobbying efforts will focus on:

1. Ensuring that the U.S. prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability. Congress should establish clear consequences, by legislating additional sanctions, should Iran fail to accept or violate an effective agreement.

2. The passage of legislation already introduced in Congress to dramatically strengthen the strategic partnership between the United States and Israel as they work to confront new threats and challenges in the Middle East.

3. Approval by Congress of President Obama’s request of $3.1 billion in security assistance for Israel as part of his budget for fiscal year 2014 as well as approval of the president’s request for $220.3 million additional funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system.

I sincerely hope you will consider joining me for this awesome experience. Book early to get good deals on flights and accommodations and please contact me with any questions.